how to apply for MSC, internal communication and content mgt

The FirstBank of Nigeria is recruiting personnel for MSC, Internal Communication and Content Management. Read before for the details and how to apply for MSC, internal communication and content management at FirstBank Nigeria.

how to apply for


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The objectives of is that MSC, Internal Communication and Content Management is the engine behind employee engagement and cohesion. This role also specializes in leveraging strategic and creative capabilities which will bring employee communications to life. The main purpose of this role is to manage a comprehensive internal communications service to disseminate the strategy of the bank, subsidiaries and Holding Company. The above is done using flawless creative execution and also dynamic engagement to deliver next-level employee experience.

Furthermore, the role is also responsible for building the Brand from inside out. Also working with the HOU, Internal Communications, Content Management, Merchandising and Warehousing (ICCOMM). Finally, also building Brand using other strategic functions in communicating a sense of purpose across the Bank and also managing change effectively in addition.


  • Firstly, to achieve a minimum of 75% awareness and also understanding of the Banks’ business strategy, hero products, services, and other initiatives among staff at all times asking questions such as what, why, and how. Making use of best practices with respect t communications efficiency, message clarity and most appropriate frequency across a range of channels.
  • Will also act as the gatekeeper for internal communications dissemination by verifying and validating content for accuracy and also checking brand legal and regulatory implications. This also will requires a high level of attention to detail and understanding of the brand, strategic business functions, strategic resource functions, products, regulatory problems, general compliance, and organizational policies.
  • Duty of disseminating strategy across board and also adapt the overall objectives without dilution using language that drives clarity and understanding. This will requires a constant awareness of the pulse of the bank and a good understanding of the various dynamics within – staff cadres, roles (front office / back office) including demographics, psychographics, and operational cycles. Lastly, the ability to tease out WIIFM and WIIFB is also the very key.
  • Also owner of all change management and communication work streams of every project within the Bank implementing all the change management process, working with respective units to communicate effective and sustainable organizational change through their transformation and change programmes: also enabling those to realize the full value of their transformation by helping staff adopt change.
  • Furthermore, will handle stakeholder management and also engagement amongst several business units and resource functions in order to achieve the synergy in communications across the group to increase awareness and in-depth knowledge, promote cross-selling and achieve uptake in the bank’s products among staff for effective marketing to their customers.
  • Responsible to design strategy, content, campaigns, and communication plan, and also schedule deployment of the bank’s products, services and initiatives to facilitate staff engagement.

To support other human capital development to sustain awareness and passion for the Bank’s vision, mission and brand pillars through engagement activations which can rally employees, inspire action, and create Brand Ambassadors, Coordinate selection, training, and retraining of the Brand Champions. Will further manage the pitch and award process for the relevant staff engagement / Brand culture agencies, monitor implementation, measure success, and collate feedback to ensure improvement.

Will manage Internal communications agencies in the development of enterprise – wide campaigns; ensure effective management of client / agency relationships to ensure timely delivery on projects and activations.

  • Responsible for effective channel management of the Bank’s internal communications tools that span across the followings;

Intranet – Liaising with IT team to leverage the intranet as an effective internal communications tool and also to ensure that it meets the needs of its audience.

Roadshows; will be responsible to coordinate visits to regions, Groups, BDOs and Branches to ensuring proper dissemination of strategic priorities and plans.

Applications; proper adaptation of information on electronic platforms such as emails, screen savers, desktop background, ticker, etc. while also keeping in view the intrinsic reach, accessibility, space constraints and affinity for each channel.

TouchPoints: Also adaptation of information to physical TouchPoints such as posters, elevators, walls, buildings, branches, etc.



The minimum educational qualification is First Degree in social sciences or related academic discipline.


  • First, a minimum of five years’ experience
  • Must have knowledge of qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Furthermore, ability for record keeping and customer service relationship management
  • Lastly, must be proficient in Microsoft word, PowerPoint and also Excel


  • Job Identification – 1082
  • Posting Date – June / 04 / 2024
  • Application Closing Date – Not stated yet
  • Job Schedule – Full Time
  • Locations – Samuel Asabia House Lagos, Nigeria.

The method of application is ONLINE. APPLY HERE. If you need the procedure on how to apply for MSC, Internal Communication and Content Management click here.


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