Nigeria Startup Portal Registration

The Nigeria Startup Portal (NSP) – Your gateway to registering and managing your startup. Simplify the registration process and access resources for startup entrepreneurs with NSP

How to Register Nigeria Startup

Nigeria Startup Portal Registration

Criteria to enroll

  • Must have a limited liability company registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).
  • The company must existing for less than 10 years from the date of incorporation.
  • Have objects that are focused on innovation, development, production, improvement, and commercialization of a digital technology innovative product or process.
  • Be a holder or repository of a product or process of digital technology or the owner or author of a registered software.
  • Have at least one-third of local shareholding held by one or more Nigerians as founder or co-founder of the startup.
  • Satisfy the conditions set out in the Act, in the case of a sole proprietorship or partnership.
  • Be a tech-enabled business that uses existing tools, platforms, libraries, and frameworks to make a company or a solution more efficient or effective.

To register, visit the official website at

Highlights of the Nigeria Startup Portal Act

  • Enables the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to oversee the Startup Investment Seed Fund.
  • Creates a space for consultation so that stakeholders in the Nigerian ecosystem can interact and make recommendations to the Council.
  • Streamlines the Startup Support and Engagement Portal’s registration process and grants easier access to government services.
  • Creates The Council, or the National Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

About the Nigeria Startup Portal Act

Nigeria Startup Portal

In order for Nigerian startups to take advantage of the opportunities outlined in the Nigerian Startup Act 2022, the Startup Support and Engagement Portal was established. More specifically, the portal will make it easier for Nigerian startups, venture capital firms, hubs, and innovation centers to be labeled in accordance with Section 10 of the Nigerian Startup Act, 2022. You can Download the Nigeria Startup Portal Act here


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