Nigerian Credit Corporation (CREDICORP)-how to apply

The Nigerian Credit Corporation (CREDICORP) is one of the companies’ owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  The mission of CrediCorp is ‘’to accelerate consumer credit access to 50% of working Nigerians by 2030”. Furthermore, read below for more about Nigerian Credit Corporation (CREDICORP)

Nigerian Credit Corporation (CREDICORP)

How CrediCorp will Achieves this mission

  • By fixing the structural barriers which will help to accessing consumer credit in Nigeria.
  • By catalysing the market with enough capital, guarantees, and with favourable business policies.

To accomplish these mission CrediCorp work with consumer guarantee fund, Central Bank of Nigeria, the financial sector like the commercial banks, National Identity Management, credit registries, Consumer Protection Agency and lastly other Policy Makers.


The CrediCorp Business focusses on the following:

  • First, to strengthening the Nigeria’s credit reporting system, by ensuring that every economically active citizens has a dependable credit scorecard. Thus, this scorecard becomes the personal equity of the citizens which they build and facilitate access to consumer credit.
  • By offering credit guarantees and also wholesale lending to financial institution which is dedicated to widening consumer credit access.
  • To promoting a responsible consumer credit as a gateway to an improved standard of living or quality of life, fostering a cultural ship which leans towards growth and financial responsibility.



In line with the mission of President Tinubu which is to enable access to consumer credit to all eligible Nigeria. This starts with Consumer credit scheme and ultimately catalyzing the entire industry. Lastly, the scheme will be rolled out rapidly but in phases, through several partnered financial institutions. The portal to express interest is open. Please, click here to access the portal to express interest.


Use the steps below carefully:

  • Read the instruction and aim of the programme above carefully. Then
  • Click here  to visit credicorp portal.
  • Fill in your bio data carefully and click on PROCEED. Thus, this will take you to the next page of the registration.
  • On each page supply all information needed.
  • Make sure you are using a webcam enable device to aid your face capturing in the last page of the registration.
  • Click on SUBMIT to finish your registration.
  • Take note of your registration Identification.

This programme will last till 15 of May, 2024. Therefore, do not wait till the closing date get yourself register on time.


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