Physics Past questions Akwa Ibom State school of Nursing

Candidates who applied for the just concluded registration for Akwa Ibom State school of Nursing should take note of this. Below is the Physics pass questions of one of the pass years. This is due to the fact that most of these questions make repeat in their forthcoming exams. Thus, read below for sample Physics Past questions.

Physics Past questions



  1. Two forces whose resultant is 10N are perpendicular to each other if one of them makes an angle of 60° with the resultant, calculate its magnitude. (a) 50N (b) 86.6N (c) 115.5N (d) 173.2N
  2. A resultant of two forces acting on an object is maximum when the angles between is.  (A) 180° (b) 90° (c) 45° (d) 0°
  3. Which of the following is not a vector quantity (a) temperature 9b) momentum (c) force (d) velocity
  4. A cone in an unstable equilibrium has its potential energy (a) decreased (b) unchanged (c) oscillating (d) increased
  5. Which of the following is in neutral equilibrium (a) a heavy weight suspended in a string (b) a cone resting on its slant edge (c) a heavy-based table lamp (d) the beam of a balance in use


  1. An orange fruit drops to the ground from the top of a tree 45cm tall. How long does it take to reach the ground (g=10m/s2) (a) 4.5s 9b) 3.0s (c) 6.0s (d) 7.5s
  2. A bus travelling 15m/s accelerate uniformly at 4m/s2, what is distance covered in 108? (A) 150m (b) 170m (c) 350m (d) 600m
  3. A body accelerates uniformly from rest at 2m/s2. Calculate its velocity after travelling 9m (a) 36m/s (b) 6m/s (c) 18m/s (d) 4.5m/s
  4. At what angle to the horizontal must the nozzle of a machine gun be kept when firing to obtain a maximum horizontal range for the bullets (a) 0° (b) 22.5° (c) 45° (d) 90°
  5. A solid metal cube of side 210cm is heated from 10°C to 60°C, if the linear expansivity of the metal is 1.2×10-5k, calculate its increase in volume (a) 0.6cm3 (b) 1.2cm3 (c) 1.8cm3 (d) 3.6cm3


  1. One of the most important applications of the bimetallic strip is found in the construction of (a) an altimeter (b) a thermocouple (C) a thermostat (d) a hygrometer
  2. The inside of a vacuum flask is usually coated with silver to reduce heat last by (a) convection (b) conduction (c) radiation (d) absorption
  3. Longitudinal waves cannot be (a) polarized (b) diffracted (c) refracted (d) reflected
  4. A note of frequency 2000Hz has a velocity of 400ms. What is the wavelength of the note? (a) 0.2cm (b) 2.0cm (c) 5.0cm (d) 2000.0cm
  5. The colours seen in soap bubbles are due to (a) refraction (b) diffraction (c) dispersion (d) interference
  1. The image in a pin-hole camera is always (a) diminished (b) enlarged (c) upright (d) inverted
  2. A concave mirror of radius of curvature 20cm has a pin placed at 15cm from its pole. What will be the magnification of the image formed (a) 2.00 (b) 4.00 (c) 1.44 (d) 1.50
  3. For the accurate comparison of resistors in a circuit, the following can be used (a) potentiometer (b) Wheatstone bridge (c) the meter bridge (d) the rheostat
  4. Which of the following device below is used for storing charges? (a) transistor (b) resistor (c) capacitor (d) diode
  5. The magnetic force on a charge moving in a magnetic field is given by (a) F = Vq × B  (b) F = Bv × q  (c) F = B × qV  (d) F = qV ×

Note: other subjects like English will be updated very soon. Since physics is one of the cure subjects that is why we are coming up with Physics Past questions first. Therefore always revisit this page to stay updated. Further more, click here for more enquiries.

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